A dementia-friendly museum

'Precious Moments' was set up in association with Huis Perrekes. It is about re-discovering the senses: the objects are passed around or can be taken to your home. You get to feel, smell and see them on your lap.


The museum's nostalgic atmosphere makes it the ideal place to revisit memories with the help of a guide. You are given a special version of the brochure. This allows you to talk about the experience afterwards and make full use of its contents.

  • a visit takes 1 hour
  • you pay € 1.5 per person + € 50 per guide
  • a guide accompanies no more than 10 people, escort included
  • guided tours are available from Tuesdays to Sundays inclusive, in the morning or afternoon
  • please reserve at least 10 days in advance
  • Individual visitors can register for guided tours in pairs on fixed dates.

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Suitcase of Memories

What about trying ‘Precious Moments’ at your residential care centre or organisation? Are you a carer, a relative or a close friend of a dementia sufferer? The museum lends out its ‘suitcases of memories’ free of charge. Every suitcase contains 20 objects, explanation sheets and tips as well as a CD of 'songs from the past' complete with lyrics.

  • Suitcases can be taken on loan for up to 2 weeks.
  • You pay a €50 deposit.
  • We ask that you collect and return the suitcase yourself during museum opening hours.
  • The Hospital Museum has put together 4 suitcases.

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