In Dimpna's footsteps

On the captivating In Dimpna’s footsteps excursion, learn everything there is to know about the past, present and future of psychiatric care in Geel. Begin at the cradle of family foster care: St, Dimpna's Church and infirmary. The Hospital Museum introduces you to the local and international cult of Saint Dimpna. In the afternoon there is a trip to the Pas-sage visitor centre in the Public Centre for Mental Health (OPZ). The unique thing about this experience centre is that it was conceived and built with help from experts by experience. They still support the project and are happy to provide guided tours (module 1). In module 2 you go on a guided visit to Pas-sage, which you combine with a tour of the historical campus of OPZ Geel.


9:15: Reception in the Hospital Museum

9:30: St. Dimpna's Church and Hospital Museum

12:00: Afternoon break

14: Pas-sage visitor centre with choice of 3 focus tours:

Module 1: Experience expertise (1.5 hours)

Module 2: History of psychiatric Care in Geel (1.5 hours)

The 2 modules combined (2 hours)

15:30/16:00 End of visit

Practical info

This programme is available from Tuesdays to Sundays inclusive.

Prices: €100 or €150 (combi) for group of 20 + € 3 per person.

Info: Tourism and Entertainment Office or Hospital Museum

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