Primary schools

'A Plot of Herbs’ workshop

  • First and second grade
  • Rosemary is the main character in this story. A playful way to discover all kinds of medicinal herbs. What about making your own rosemary oil? Just listen to the fascinating instructions, then do it yourself!

The 'I see … I see’ photography trail

  • Second and third grade
  • Your guide takes the class on an exploration through the museum's rooms and hands out a few tips. Then you split into groups and go hunting for yourselves. Can you locate the objects from the past? Who will match the place and description to the photo?

'Dimpna, the mighty maiden’ smartphone game

  • Third grade
  • You get a smartphone with the Dimpna game. Can you understand the map and find the right room? The game sets you a challenge in every room. By the end you will have explored the museum and learnt about the legend of Dimpna.

'Murder in the Hospital Museum’ game

  • All grades
  • A suspicious death in the Hospital Museum! Everything points to murder. The museum brings you in to solve the case. It's your job to investigate the murder scene, the murder weapon and the details of the crime. By the end, if all goes well, you will have uncovered the murderer and discovered the museum's most exciting places!

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