Secondary schools

The 'Pot Calling the Kettle Black’ search for sayings

  • All grades
  • To get in out of your depth. To sweep it under the carpet. To have a soft spot for someone. To fall to pieces… Where do these old sayings come from? On this guided tour you learn in pairs about the meanings of the sayings, and you discover the museum objects associated with them.

'Murder in the Hospital Museum’ game

  • All grades
  • A suspicious death in the Hospital Museum! Everything points to murder. The museum brings you in to solve the case. It's your job to investigate the murder scene, the murder weapon and the details of the crime. By the end, if all goes well, you will have uncovered the murderer and discovered the museum's most exciting places!

The Latin 'Tu quoque’ voyage of discovery

  • First and second grade
  • What if there was another way to master those rules of grammar and big lists of words? Put the textbooks down for a while and go looking for the Latin inscriptions in our museum, to learn more about our rich and fascinating history.

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